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Boston College Direct Master's Entry 2017

Hi all! Is anybody out there who applied to BC's Direct Entry program for fall 2017? The deadline is tomorrow, but I have no idea how their process works from here! I haven't found anything on the website. Best of luck to everyone!

Threads for many direct entry programs seem to be really quiet this cycle. Possibly because there's a lot of good information on threads from past cohorts and applicants. I don't believe there is any interview. They want to receive all materials by tomorrow and then I don't think you hear back until february or march with a decision.

Thanks for creating this thread NPToBe!

Yes UCSBalum I was wondering about the radio silence on the threads...but I suppose that makes some sense. At the same time however, I know that I partake in threads regardless to keep abreast of the current trends in the application process though I gather information from prior threads. I suppose I assumed others were the same!

BC's program appears to the the least expensive of many of the direct entry programs on the east coast and they set up preceptorships which is attractive.

Ready for the wait?

@AquamarineHealing the only thread that seems to be new and busy is Columbia's because of the recent changes to the program and application process. The rest of the information is pretty easy to find on older threads, so it doesn't seem that anyone felt compelled to start too many new ones. That being said, BC is one of my safety/alternative schools. Columbia and Umass worcester are definitely the top 2 on my list. Umass worcester is also cheaper than others. I haven't looked into cost for BC, but I'm sure it's cheaper. Yale's program also seems to be similar in structure since it says on their website that they're redesigning the curriculum to 24 monthsish

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UCSBalum, all good points! I wish there was more activity on the forums though, as I've read old ones too and I'd just like to talk to people applying this year (AKA make myself not feel so crazy for the amount of time I spend on this website).

I really like BC's program, though I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it being only 23 months...Of course they're a responsible program and they wouldn't send NP's into the workforce unprepared, but I'm just not sure I could go from zero-to-NP in 23 months? I guess people do do it, though.

@AquamarineHealing I agree. Obviously, I'm coming from that acceptance phase because I was equally disappointed for awhile lol. I visited BC and i loved the school, but I just don't agree with the speed. I want to have time to learn and absorb and work part time as an RN. That's why Columbia's program is great. The longer the better. I like the nursing model more than the medical model in many ways, but not doing residency was a huge draw for nursing. That being said, I was always willing to committ 3-4 years to really learning the material. I read that you finish in almost 21-22 months a few places on the website even. That's crazy to me. I would def want to do a nursing residency after.

Yes, I completely agree! I spent the first few years of undergrad planning to go to medical school, and when I realized that nursing was going to work out better for me, I was SHOCKED that you can go from knowing nothing to practicing, prescribing and diagnosing in basically no time. I also feel like I likely could not be a great NP without some RN experience. I am aware that the jobs are different, but could I really feel confident as an NP on day one having never been formally employed in the medical field?

Glad to know there are people who agree with me!

Just nodding as I'm reading these posts.

I was on a similar healthcare path as you NPToBe, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that though I prefer the nursing model to the medical one, coming right out of these programs we're very much underprepared to enter the healthcare via direct-entry as the first point of contact for patients in the primary care realm.

I find myself thinking that once the states and the nursing board finally get their chickens in the coup with the whole standardized DNP curriculum, it would make so much sense to make residencies an important experiential component...but at this point in time there just aren't enough to go around.


Did anyone else get an email yesterday about fulfilling prerequisites?! It sort of caught me off guard, I didn't expect to hear from anyone so soon!

I haven't fulfilled all of the prerequisites yet so I haven't received that particular email, but I did get the Agora Portal one. Around the 20th I checked it and they hadn't processed all of my application materials but I just checked again this morning and looks like my application is complete and they have everything.

Best of luck to all of us.

Was just contacted for a brief chat/interview via email, I applied to the PMHNP specialty. From prior application cycle forums, it seems the Psych specialty candidates often are contacted for chats like this. Just a quick update, best of luck as we continue to wait.

I started a new job in August and made up my mind that I would not be applying to schools this cycle. Then I visited a friend in Boston late Oct and loved the city so I made the last minute decision to apply here!

The waiting is the hardest since I only have one school to hear back from and worry about

Was just contacted for a brief chat/interview via email, I applied to the PMHNP specialty. From prior application cycle forums, it seems the Psych specialty candidates often are contacted for chats like this. Just a quick update, best of luck as we continue to wait.

Congrats AquamarineHealing, that's awesome! I also applied to the PMHNP specialty, and I was contacted about pre-reqs and if I would have them done by June 30, but I have not heard anything since. Has anyone else been contacted about an interview via e-mail?


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