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Books on Micro and Health Assessment


Next fall I'll be taking Medical Microbiology and a health assessment course (both with labs). Can you all recommend any good books on either subject? I received a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas, and I'm trying to find a good use for it that will help me out in the long run!:) I'd like to know the basics of both subjects before I'm hit upside the head next fall.:chuckle Also, if there is a book that you feel helped you in the early years of your nursing career, please feel free to post the title.

I would not buy anything that the instructor did not recommend simply because there is no way you can memorize two books. You might go to the school library to see what is on their shelves. Most require at least one copy of the textbook to be in the library for indigent students (ME!). You will get all you need in class but if you are really stressing I recommend going to the public library to look at juvenile (even high school) level books. They give you the basics and you can whip through them in no time. That is how I learned the periodic table. Start simple and work up. Best thing to remember about classes with labs - go to lab. You will be surprised at how many people leave early. I had an A&P instructor who waited till the majority had left, then he would start lecturing or go around and give individual attention to those who remained. I NEVER left his lab early. Didn't dare.

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here are some links i have for microbiology information on the internet. the first link is a complete online textbook. i don't have any links at this time for the physical assessment of a human.

http://www.bact.wisc.edu/microtextbook/index.php - this is a free online textbook of microbiology - lots of links to information. a very extensive site of information.

http://student.ccbcmd.edu/courses/bio141/lecguide/ - links within this lecture guide take you to information on subjects taught in this microbiology class of dr. kaiser at the community college of baltimore county. there are some quiz questions within the linked pages. http://student.ccbcmd.edu/~gkaiser/goshp.html will link you into his lecture notes, illustrations, animations and photographs as well as a lab manual

http://www.biochem4schools.org/ - this biochem 4 schools, an online collection of links to biochemistry tutorials for students, this is such an extensive site it is better to use the search feature to input a keyword to bring up tutorials you will be interested in.

http://biology.fullerton.edu/courses/biol_302/web/302labf99/manual.html - this is the online lab manual for california state university at fullerton. this is a really nice site that may help you in preparing for your labs.

Thanks for the replies! I found a basic Micro book that looks like it will be a good help (and it didn't cost an arm and leg), and those websites look really useful. I always wait until the end of lab to leave, and most of the time I leave with extra bits of info that many instructors share with those who stay 'til the end. Again, thanks for the websites and information! :)

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