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Hello All!

To those of you that will be starting the Fall program at Calhoun I have a question about the books that we need to purchase.

Are we expected to purchase all of our necessary books directly from Calhoun or can we purchase them anywhere we would like (ie. or amazon)?

After calculating the estimated prices that were listed for the books on the info sheet, I started to look elsewhere and found that I could save about $300 by ordering them from various internet sites that I have ordered books from before without any problems. What do ya'll think about this?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I would think that as long as you get the right book, you can get them from where ever you want to.


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I'm a 3rd semester student and I buy my books wherever I can find them the cheapest.

FYI: I made the mistake of buying the "optional" books and never opened them. I never buy the optional books anymore unless during the semester, I see that I will actually use them.


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Thanks for the info Coffeefix! I only bought 1 optional text (the Nutrition one), so I will stop there! I am having a hard time finding the 2 other texts that go with the Tabors "sold as a 3 pack". Do you know what those book ISBN numbers might be? Also, what is a nurse pack?

Thanks again!


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Good to know the "optional" ones aren't used before I buy


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Do you have the name of the books that are listed to go w/ the Tabers? If so, I can look at my books and seen what the IBSN is.

You buy the Nurse pack from the book store, it's around $60-$70 (I honestly can't remember), but it has everything in there that you will need for your check-offs. It has your syringes, personal protective gear, enema, cathether kit, gloves, normal saline vials, ect.


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Ok the book I cannot seem to figure where to purchase is..."Handbook of Lab & Diagnositc Testing". I have found all the others!

Thanks for the info on the nurse pac kit.

Just need that book and CPR and I am all set! Any advice for me my first semester?

Thanks again for your help!



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We didn't need that book (I've never heard of it), so it must be something new that they've added.

As far as advice.......It's HARD work, but if you give it everythinig you've got & this is something you really want- you'll make it. I've lost a lot of friends in the program. They've either failed or quit due to the stress. The best piece of advice I have is don't get behind in your work. They give you TONS of reading & expect you to read everything. Before this semester began- we had to read 40 chapters (I'm not exaggerating- I just checked my syllabus and counted!!!). Make sure you read everyday, even if it's just a little bit. Oh, and don't get caught up the gossip & drama. Sometimes I feel like I'm back in high school. Everyone talks about everyone else. And then you hear about how all of the teachers are "weeding" us out and blah, blah, blah. Just remember- you are there for you and no one else. Don't worry- you'll do GREAT!!:yeah:

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