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A good piece of advice that was posted earlier was NOT to buy your books via the bookstore. I have purchased nearly all of my books brand new for far less than bookstore's USED price. But be sure that everything is included such as CD's, study guides, atlases, ect. Ask your instructor if they have ordered any type of special custom package deal.

A great site is:cheapsesttextbook.com It simply searches may used/new text book sites (for example ecampus, half.com, amazon.com, ect) and tells you the current cheapest price. You then buy directly from that site. Easy and saves $$.

CAREFUL: search with the ISBN , not just the title, that you get from the instructor (NOT THE BOOKSTORE!) to be sure you are getting the exact book!

As for PDAs...there is an entire forum dedicated to this topic, and it is a big topic: https://allnurses.com/forums/f234/

I would use caution with those under $100, you may run into not enough memory and not enough processing power to run newer applications.

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i always shop around the internet and i also got the bn discount card which saves 10% and sometimes they throw in a 30-40% coupon as well. on books recommended, i usually emd up buying the previous edition used and save a bundle. i have gotten several care plan books for under $5.00 including shipping as well as others. for specific values, i always check to see if there is an update and use the most current. this has saved me several hundred dollars as well as helped me get better grades.

right now elsevier/mosby is running a deal if you buy more than $200.00 of books on their site you save $50.00 and get free shipping. follow link below and enter code as the text explains. hope this helps some save a bit of money. maybe you can make several purchases and re-use the code? i am not sure but it could be well worth it.

elsevier-medical publishers, online journals, textbooks, drug references

to show our appreciation, we are pleased to offer you an amazing savings opportunity … just in time for the holidays!


simply visit [color=#003399]www.us.elsevierhealth.com and purchase from our entire online selection of reference books and periodicals. be sure to enter promotion code 87815 at checkout to take advantage of elsevier's limited-time offer.

this offer valid for qualifying purchases made on [color=#003399]www.us.elsevierhealth.com of reference books and periodicals based on pre-tax amount. offer is not valid on textbooks, web-based products, bulk orders, or in combination with any other promotion. offer valid for individuals in the u.s. only. current prices and offers subject to change without notice. all sales final. enter promotion code 87815 at checkout to receive your discount. this offer expires december 22, 2006 at 11:59 pm est. outside the u.s., please visit [color=#003399]www.elsevierhealth.com.

save $50 on any online order of $200 or more!*

• get free shipping—an additional savings of up to $8!

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We had alot also, but now going into 3rd semester, I don't need to buy any.

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