Book Authors: How to Improve Sales Opportunities

I'm seeing a lot of nurses writing books. What surprises me is that there's clearly no marketing plan.

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Book Authors: How to Improve Sales Opportunities

What I usually find is the author placing a link to amazon to download the book - That's it!!

How do you expect to sell if all you do is link to amazon?


Chances are there's a lot of competition in amazon for the same keywords. Word-of-mouth only works if people actually read the book. If people don't know your book exists how do you expect to make a sale?

amazon is not a miracle cure. You still need to SELL the book.

The best thing you can do to increase sales is to create a landing page on your site. A landing page is basically a sales pitch to purchase.

Why Create a Landing Page...

  1. Improve brand / trust
  2. Improve traffic to your site
  3. Increase sales opportunities
  4. Increase opportunities to create a following

Once you have a landing page, you can start linking to it instead of the amazon page. The landing page can include a link to your amazon page or your very own shopping cart. (I recommend linking to amazon page even if you have your own shopping cart. This provides people an alternative to purchase your book.)

So now instead of telling people to go to amazon you tell them to go to your landing page. This will increase direct traffic. Increasing direct traffic to your page is important. It helps drive organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the best marketing tool. It doesn't cost a dime, and you can get a lot of traffic for FREE. With organic traffic you can get...

More Traffic = MORE Exposure

More Traffic = MORE Sales Opportunities

More Traffic = MORE Followers

We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Share On allnurses...

Create articles on the same subject as your book and share on allnurses. You can embed a link to your landing page within the contents of the article.

You can even include a link to your landing page in your allnurses Profile page. This is a great way to improve your backlink profile. Each time you write an article on allnurses your website and social network links are visible to all your readers.

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