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Bone Cyst


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I am curious to know if anyone has/had a patient diagnosed with a unicameral (sp?) bone cyst? My child was dx. last year and we have had a terrible time finding info. on the subject. We have a very good ortho. specialist here in Naples, but we're moving soon and I would like to gain more knowledge on the condition. (Our doc here found little info. himself. What he did find was in Italian. He told me from the very beginning that there were few people with the condition.) Good news is that the bone cyst is moving away from his growth plate (it's on the left humerus). Thanks in advance!


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Angie I'm sorry I missed this when I was last here. The only ones I have seen (being a hospital nurse) were the ones that gave trouble enough for surgery. I don't think they all do.

If you have computer access to Google.com type in bone cyst. There are several articles there.



Specializes in Perinatal/neonatal.

P_RN: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I really appreciate the link you provided and the info. Alex is almost 10 and has an actice cyst located on the growth plate of his left humerus. We have a Navy doc and he wanted to treat the cyst with Matrix injections over a period of time and also "Poke some holes" in the cyst in hopes that his body would rid itself. We agreed at first, but now have decided to wait until we get back to the states in December so that one doc could provide the care throughout since we're transferring (the doc is transferring too). Alex suffered through two breaks last year (1 in October -the one that ended up with the bone cyst dx. - and then again in December) Alex is doing okay and he's growing, so the cyst is actually growing away from the growth plate, which is good so that when he does get treatment there will be less chance of the Matrix "seeping" into the plate and inhibiting future developmental growth. Thanks again for the info. My husband can't wait read more on it!



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