BOMBED my Pediatrics HESI exam

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I am completely devastated. Today I took my first attempt at the pediatrics HESI exam and got a 668. I have NEVER scored that low in any of the HESI exams I have taken...the lowest I have gotten before was an 816 with an 850 needed to pass. So you can say I'm pretty upset about today's result.

I have a second attempt in a week and need advice on how to study for this. I used the green HESI review book, did the case studies, and the practice exam on evolve. That was it. I am thinking of getting a membership to but don't know if it's helpful for the pediatrics specfic HESI.

I really need some advice. I'm in my senior year and don't want to freak out for the second attempt...that will almost guarantee failure


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Pediatrics is a difficult one next to Med Surg and Maternity. When you review the content in the green HESI book do you look at the HESI hints? Do you understand the milestones relating to each age group? If no, I'd suggest you do because those are in "HESI Hints" for a good reason from what I hear. Do you know the test taking strategies?


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Hello! Yes I know the test taking strategies and try to use them as much as possible. I do check out the HESI hints but definitely soudl focus on them more. In studying this time I plan on reviewing the developmental stages but I'm not sure if there is another resource I should use.


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Hey there! So I just took the Peds HESI last week and scored a 1011 which is a 92.89%. I never do well on HESI exams so this was a shock to me. I started studying the week before and used the Davis Q&A Peds book. I literally did every chapter in the book & also used Quizlet questions. I saw two or three questions repeat or were very similar from Quizlet on the Hesi. I would just say take your time and read the question twice (I was the last one in the room for my HESI). Best of luck! :)

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I would first look at your HESI exam report and try to identify your weak areas and focus on those. I don't think the green HESI book is detailed enough for specialty exams. I would perhaps use another source if you have one.

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your practice questions for pediatric were so helpful.

can you send me a link for Hesi maternal exam 55 questions if possible.

Thank you so much .


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Ramanpreet, how was the maternity exam..? Email me pls


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Hi : ) 


The link to your question bank expired, would you happen to still have the practice questions?


Thank You!