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i am trying to put a list together of drugs that are commonly administered by first giving a bolus dose of the medication via an iv push, followed by a iv infusion of the same drug, for example heparin bolus followed by a heparin infusion? the setting is predominately the emergency department or administration of medication started in the ed prior to patient transfer or admission. all examples welcome! thanks



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integrilin, natrecor, cordarone...


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lidocaine.... 1 - 1.5 mg / kg bolus (max of 3 mg / kg bolus dose) followed by drip at 2 - 4 mg / min



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Diltiazem - usually 10mg bolus then IV rate 5-15mg/hr.

Amiodarone - 300mg over 1 hr then 20mg/kg for 24hrs (although in life-saving measures you can push the 300)

Narcan - 0.1mg - 0.4mg push, then drip (sorry can't remember that dose off the top of my head)


Magnesium - 1-2mg followed by drip (usually BC, although I am unsure if they bolus first)

Practically any narcotics or ativan or versed

Hope this helps



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digoxin post open heart if not on preop .

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nexium and octreotide are both given as a bolus first, then a gtt for our fun gi bleeders...


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heparin-- we do a bolus then drip in our STEMI pts headed to cath lab

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