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Hello all I am new to this site and would like some info on BMCC nursing program or even there LPN program. I have no credits so you can explain the whole process it would be great any and all info would be appreciated. :bow:

I was accepted to St.Pauls but the fact that they are not accrediated scares me so much I know they are in candidacy stage but its not a sure thing they will get maybe I will reapply to them when they become accrediated and thoughts on St. Pauls

I am a BMCC student and would not recommend the program at all. Some of the clinical professors are great (although a few of the good ones have left recently) but I found that at most clinical sites we never had any patients and the nurses treated us like we were in the way; I think this was more because of their disposition to our preceptors than us. You must be prepared to teach yourself everything. I already had bachelors (textile chemistry and engineering) and associates degrees before pursuing Nursing and was able to teach myself the material and do well in all my classes, but many classmates struggled. The nursing dept. itself is a mess; trying to get in touch with most professors is difficult and the administrative staff never had a clue what was going on. I was told the competing GPA to get in when I applied was a 3.85 and yet many of the students still struggled because the Nursing professors were mediocre. When I was a post-op patient at Mt. Sinai I had NYU nursing students taking care of me and two told me they couldn't get into the program after doing their pre-reqs at BMCC and applied to NYU's program. That being said I really enjoyed my professors for my pre/co-reqs. I had Mantazaris for A&P I; she was tougher than the other A&P professors, but I learned so much from her. Dr. Raynor for A&P II he is old school, but amazing, he also teaches patho and pharmacology which I would have liked to take with him and Salm for Micro; not only is she incredibly smart and makes the course interesting, but she's super funny as well. Givent the job market/requirements for RNs in NYC and the surrounding area you're far better off with a BSN. Good luck whatever you chose!

Thank You I appreciate it :)


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