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Recently got invited to interview with Bloomsburg Univeristy this November for fall 2011. Anyone gone to this interview yet? If so, how was it? Any tips you can share? It would really help my anxiety level. I am so nervous.

Thank you. :)

When do u interview? I'm going Tuesday Nov 9th at 1300....

Hey Fawn,

I interview Nov 23? Wow you go before me! :) I'm Nervous. Good luck! I hope you do well. Will you let me know how it goes? Hopefully all goes well ok. Take care and stay positive! God Bless!

I'm nervous, but I've been reviewing lots of basic things to make sure I'm on top of things!! I will let you know how it goes!

I'm expecting them to ask questions about pressors, vents, ABG's, lab values.....stuff like that. so that's what I'm brushing up on.

Are you published? CCRN?? Are you local to the area? How many years experience do you have??

I have 4 years experience, worked at both geisinger and Bloomsburg hospitals, and I am still waiting for my test card for my CCRN. I am not published, but I've been told most aren't, so I'm hoping that doesn't matter that much.

I'm not sure what they will be looking for, and I hope the fact that they are a new program doesn't make them more strict/picky!!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted!!!


Hey Fawn,

I live out here in California, been working in SICU 5 years, peds before that. CCRN 2 years now. Im refreshing too on the clinical areas too. What do you mean published? Do they look for that? lol. I'm a little excited but scared. How do you like the hospitals out there? I think you'll do just fine. How many applicants do they accept? I've never been in the east coast, so it should be interesting. Good luck again ok. Two days left till your interview! Stay positive!


You live in California and you're going to come to BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY for graduate studies?!?!?!?!? wow!! I grew up 11 miles from Bloom, so if you have any questions about the area, I can certainly fill you in!!!

A lot of universities like to see that you have published an article or two.....but a majority of applicants do NOT do that, so it's really not that important (in my eyes anyway!!!)

I like the hospitals here. I have worked in both large magnet hospitals (2) and one small community hospital (Geisinger Med Center, Hershey Med Center and Bloomsburg Hospital!!) and I enjoyed my time in both settings. Big hospitals, you get your good bloody trauma experience and small hospitals are like a tight knit community here.

Bloom takes 12 applicants. 2010 is the first year of their program. I believe they still have a few quirks to work out, but I have done extensive research on every program offered in Pennsylvania, and according to the AANA, there is no difference between a program that is new and one that has been in existance for years.

I talked to an anesthesiologist where I work and he pretty much suggested staying calm. He said they will probably throw instances at you and expect you to stay calm and know what to do when things go wrong. He also said that if you don't know something, to be honest and say so. You are going there to learn, you are not expected to know what a CRNA does. So that made me feel better:)

I will let you know how it goes!!


Hey Fawn,

Thank you for the response. It was very helpful. I appreciate all the time. People tell me that Pennsylvania as a state is beautiful so I'm excited to come visit. I was reading about BU and I think your right about what AANA stated about new and old programs. We all learn the same information, just in different ways, I guess. I'm a little worried now that you said only 12 students get in. I hope you do make it. You seem to know the area hospitals and the area itself. So that's a plus. You'll do just fine. Remember to relax and stay confident as people say. Good luck tomorrow! take care ;)


Hey Fawn, You made through the interview! How did it go? Hopefully you knocked them off their shoe! Im sure you did well. :yeah: well ill let you know how ill do in a few weeks. any advice? word of wisdom? well take care ok! hopefully you'll hear some good news soon. god bless!

So I survived. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. My advice: be yourself and know at least one topic related to nurse anesthesia. it can be anything. I have a good feeling about it, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Good luck at your interview!!

So I survived barely too. The panel was great and very welcoming! The interview itself......well I froze up totally. All the anxiety I had just overwhelmed me! I was not speaking thoroughly. My answers to the questions were choppy (mainly due to the nervousness) man I wish I can turn back time and get a do over:) the little paper we had to write in the end was thekillerof all killers! My mind went totally blank. I felt bad that they were just sitting there waiting for me to finish. Whoa! I can't believe I blew that away. Bloomsburg is beautiful. I saw myself there. Quiet and peaceful just the way like it. Perfect for graduate studies. I'm crossing my fingers and praying. Goodluck with everything fawn :)

So I never heard anything from you?? Did you get in??

Hi - I did some nursing undergrad work at Bloom - I recently finished my RN after working as an LPN for years. I always wanted to further my education as ARNP or CRNA. I have a lot of experience working with vents - etc. I loved bloom and was really involved with the UNV. when I attended. I was trying to find info on the website. Does Bloom still offer the RN to MSN option? Do I need to complete my masters there before doing the CRNA program. Did u get in the CRNA program?


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