Blood splashed in eye- patient status unknown

by NurseEr2000 (New) New Nurse

So, during a code blood splattered on my face, near and possibly in my eye. Went to employee health to be safe and started the exposure process after flushing my eyes. Blood was unable to be obtain on the patient so the patients status is not know. I know the risks are statistically low, but I need some reassuring words. This is my first type of exposure in 10 years of being a nurse and I’m really freaking out. 


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Did they start you on the prophylaxis medications? Your chances are super super slim, but they still have put you on meds and scheduled you for a redraw of blood in three and six months. 

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I felt fairly freaked after my first needle stick injury. Again it was a very low risk exposure but didn't stop me from worrying. Occ health put me through a regime of testing day of exposure, then I think a couple of weeks, then a month and then a couple of months (I forget the regime). 

is your hospital able to access the patients notes to check whether they have any illnesses of concern? 

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Why was the blood unable to be checked?