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Hi! I am currently and RN working in an ob/gyn office. We have a lab that does all of our blood draws. However, we were recently told they could no longer draw our genetic screenings as they go to a separate labs - so we have to do them. I have received VERY limited training on blood draws in school, and obviously have not been doing them for the last year at my office as the lab was responsible for this. I know the technique, but am not at all confident in performing them. We practiced on our co-workers, but unfortunately they were all blessed with incredibly easy veins to stick.

Any nurses in the Greenville SC area know of a place that offers a short refresher course (the phlebotomy training courses at Greenville tech are extremely long and rather pricey)? Or somewhere I could shadow for a weekend to refine my skills? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Can you not shadow at the lab that does your other labs?


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Unfortunately not. While I am in the office I am always working with my doctor so I don't have the opportunity to spend the day in the lab. That's why a weekend shadowing or refresher opportunity would be the best option for me. I wish I had time to follow our lab girls during the day as that would make this easier, but I dont.


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Do you ever start peripheral lines in your office? A standard draw is the same thing, just way easier. If there's a vocational/tech college in your area I'd start there, they usually teach basic phlebotomy. They can teach you the standard places to look for the patients with not so lovely veins. IME 95% of people, even difficult sticks have a deep AC. Our lab gets everyone between the knuckles of their ring and pinky fingers. GL.