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blocking antibodies - cancer cells and immunological escape

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by GingerSue GingerSue (Member)

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when cancer cells evade the immune system

and the blocking antibodies bind TAAs, to prevent

their recognition by T cells,

where are blocking antibodies produced?

B cells produce antibodies,

where are blocking antibodies produced?

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From what I can come up with, blocking antibodies are produced by B cells.

When B cells detect an alien cell such as a cancer cell, it recognizes it as non-self and produces antibodies. Sometimes the antibodies produced are the blocking antibody type that do not start the complement system. Rather, the blocking antibodies hide the cancer cell by attatching themselves to antigens on the cancer cell making them unrecognizable to cytotoxic T-cells. So, the cancer cell can move on untouched. Naughty little buggers.

That is all I can come up with...about what would fit on the end of a thumbtack. The question you asked was very interesting to me nonetheless. Thank you for making me think about it.

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GingerSue has 20 years experience.

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as I looked for info

there was mention of TNF-locking antibodies

and others

TNF comes from the macropgages

(so I wondered where TNF-blocking antibodies come from - what would be protecting the tumor? But since they are the person's own cells, maybe it is the B cells))

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