Block 1 SCC Finals



Curious if anyone has an advice on how to pass Block 1 Finals at SCC? We have a final practicum (which terrifies me!) and a final exam. Any advice on how to study for either one of these?

Is the Final Practicum any and all medications (resp. sleep. cardiac, etc...) we learned fair game? Will they through at us anything that's not on the video they show us for demo?

And for the final... what's the best method to study? Go over all the power points? Do NCLEX style questions? All things I've been doing but I'm just so nervous!

Thanks everyone for your input!!

Much appreciated!


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The final practicum is nerve wracking to say the least. BUT once you finish you will realize it wasnt that terrible. Or at least I felt that way. It is EXACTLY like the CLA days in the sim lab. You take care of a patient for 30 minutes. You will need to do a focused assessment and monitor vitals. You will be given pretty much all the meds you learned about for PO checkoffs, but of course will only need to give some because either a lab is off, or its coumadin at 2 or whatever. Make sure you know your labs and meds before going to get the meds. ANd make sure to use your therapeutic communication with the patient before doing your assessment and getting meds. They will probably be worried about their dog or wife or kids or something and want to get out. You have to calm them down and not just ignore the concern or you get marked off. Expect to hold a med for either a vital or a lab, and likely something will be wrong in the pyxis. Basically it is just like the video showed but there is only one or two things "wrong" since its just block 1. Try not to stress too much about it. Its not too bad.

For the final, just review the powerpoints (if you took good notes with them). I found the questions to be a bit easier for earlier content and a bit more difficult for content just learned, but overall it was actually a little easier then the previous tests as far as question difficulty. But you will definitely need to study. GL and block 2 will blow your mind when you get there.


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You are AWESOME!!! Seriously you give the best advice and you are 100% truthful and dead-on in your advice. Thank you so much for taking the time to help the classes after you!

I took my Final and its exactly the way you described it... I felt relieved afterwards and realized it wasn't as bad as I thought... it was exactly like CLA's.

I have my final exam tomorrow and I hope the questions are not as hard as Exam 3! That was my toughest exam....

Do you have an e-mail or can you PM?

again, thanks so much for all your help!


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I just saw this, but you should be able to PM me. You just have to have more than 15 posts I believe. Since you have already taken the final at this point, I am sure you figured it out, but yes the final is much easier than exam 3. That was the only exam I barely passed in block 1. It blew my mind lol.


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Hi, I'm curious how your final went ??? Your question is my question now :) Any help would be greatly appreciated for final exam :)