Block 1 ns needing to practice injectables


hi all!

anyone know where i can get an injecta-pad (that does not cost $100) to practice im injectables on

-or - does anyone one have any ideas of something that would work just as well???

i am a block 1 nursing student and i need to practice my injections desperately ...i feel like i stab when i do my injections right now! humph!! i would be scared of me if i was giving me an injection.

thanks in advance



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i've heard that practicing on an orange or tomato is similar to human flesh

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try an orange!


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oranges are great for IM practice. I used a hot dog to practice TB injections (the lining will bubble up like a layer of skill will). I think the tomatoes mentioned earlier would feel pretty close to a sub Q injection.

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We used re-freezable, thawed ice packs in school. They will eventually leak, but you can poke them several times before that happens.


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Initially, we used oranges to practice, then we used fellow students with NS injections. You do want to give a quick dart. I had a patient that requested that I put the needle in slowly. He witnessed the immunizations of the peole in front of him in line. He was fearful of the quick motion of the needle. I assured him that it would be more painful if it was put in slowly. Then, I reminded him that the people said that they didn't feel a thing. And, some asked me if I was certain that I gave the shot already. I reassured him that he would be fine with a quick injection. He trusted me and was fine, afterwords.

I know that it can be quite scary when you are first starting with injections. But, you will feel comfortable after doing a few injections. It does get easier!

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i like. :D

Nurses families put up with a lot, don't they?

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