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I am currently taking my pre reqs for LPN and have to make an oral presentation on attitudes about birth control and sexually related diseases among teens ( I picked this subject). Public speaking scares the &%#$@ out of me. Anyway, I have done some research by contacting my local health dept., the web, and also spoken to our local high school nurse about their policies and I was wondering what policies you have at your school. I live in Florida and any information about your county or anywhere really will really help. Thank you in advance.



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Well here's one for you. When I was in school I had a clinical at Planned Parenthood . Because they receive government funds they have to supply birth control to any patient who requests it. Some girls who got the pill were 14 years old.

What was surprising to me was that some Mom's would drop these kids off and pick them up later without ever questioning the results of their exam. Some kids had skipped classes to attend their appointment. I am not making any value judgements, it was just surprising to me.


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I don't give out birth control, but I will provide education about birth control and STI's. I encourage the student to talk to a parent, but that's their choice. I will provide them with community resources if that is what they need.


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