Biomedical Ethics!!


Hi everyone... I'm applying to Barry's accelerated nursing program for a 2nd bachelors degree, and my last pre-req is Biomedical Ethics. I understand that it's a type of philosophy course, and I was wondering if there were any courses that could be substituted for that one... My local community college offers Ethical Issues in Healthcare. I've seen other titles used to describe the same course. Has anyone taken Biomedical Ethics or something similar? Thanks for any response.


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Ethical Issus in Healthcare might be similar to Biomedical Ethics... it probably is. I'm currently taking Biomedical Ethics, I'm taking it as my humanities elective. However, I would check with the program you are applying to and make sure they will accept the Ethical Issues in Healthcare as a replacement for Biomedical Ethics.


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Thanks.. I'm gonna give the advisor a call tomorrow. I want to finish the class over the summer; that's the reason I wanted to check on any alternate classes! My community college only offers it during the spring, and it's too late now to register for a spring class, so I was thinking if doing it online somewhere. My main issue is whether or not the credits will be accepted. Seems like an interesting class though!


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Hello I am also planning to apply to Barry but for their Traditional program.Does Biomedical Ethics have to be done before you start the program or can it be taken while taking your nursing courses?


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I called last week to find out about taking the class... I was told not to worry about taking it, because they understand that it cannot be taken everywhere. So I guess it's ok! It can be taken as a Pre-nursing student once you've been accepted