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Well, it's time to enroll for the spring semester! My local community college offers human biology online and at campus. I would prefer to take it online since campus is 45 minutes away and I have young children. Has anybody taken this class online? Any feedback of the difficult level between the two options? Anything other advice or opinions you would like to share? Any info will be greatly appreciated!


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I actually took bio online and wasn't sure how it would work but IMO it was fine. I'm a self sufficient type of student that wasn't afraid to ask for help when I needed it which I think is important. I made a lot of models out of candy and pipe cleaners that semester lol but it was fine!

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I took it online but lab on campus. We have two separate classes. The professor had a PowerPoint lecture and I learned a lot. I would do it again. I have a high B in the course.


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I took microbiology online and really enjoyed. I, too, have young children and it was great to be to take the class during times that worked with my schedule. I do think the assignments for the online class were a little bit more time intensive than the in-person class but it wasn’t bad.

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Currently taking A&P II online (took A&P I last semester online and got B+). I am taking online courses for prerequisites because I have young children and I work full time and I like going to class and doing assignments at a time that is convenient. Its a lot of work but definitely doable and it works for me. Online courses requires you to be a self starter and good with managing time more than on campus I feel though


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Thanks for all the great feedback. I think I'll go for it and hope for the best :yes:


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Since biology is a very crucial class that is fundamental to future concepts I would recommend taking it in person. However, if you are thru type of student who can succeed and learn very well outside of the classroom then I believe you would do just fine.