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Biology major & NCLEX.

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HI everyone,

im new on this forum and was wondering if i could get some advice or help in any way. Currently im a sophmore Biology major in a business school. and upon graduating i would be recieving a biology degree. I would like to become a registered nurse then pursue a career in NP. I do understand that I would have to take the NCLEX. but my question is if i were to graduate with the Biology degree, am i able to take the NCLEX immediately? or would i be required to have a Bachelors in nursing first? (Which would be an extra year or so for courses, let say in a community college.right?)

Also, is it possible to pursue a biology major AND take nursing courses at the same time? IF i were to transfer out of my current school into a college with the nursing program, would they accept all my past credits? and if so which Schools are reccomended?

im sort of lost in a hole right now and i have not yet declared my major. just to be sure id like to find out more whether i should stay in this school or transfer out. in anyway, i would still like to focus a career on Nursing. RN->NP

thanks for lookin and your help.

In order to take the NCLEX you must graduate from a nursing program with a nursing degree. You may obtain this degree by 1) going to a community college and getting a Associates Degree in Nursing which is approximately 2 years; or 2) Complete a Bachelors program in nursing.

Keep in mind that while your degree gives you some of your pre-reqs for the program, it does not give you all of them. I have a BS degree and needed one year of pre-reqs for the nursing program. Also, most universities in my area are 5-year BS programs, unless you do an acclerated program, you will not be able to complete a BS in nursing in one year. I advise you research schools in your area to see what the requirements are. Also, keep in mind that many nursing schools have very long waitlists. THe only community college in my area has over 950 students on the waitlist and the school only takes 160 students per year. Good luck and welcome!!!

thanks for the help, i appreciate it.

no problem! that is what we are all here for!


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KrisRNWannabee that is an excellent response. May I c&p and use it if another poster has a similar question? Thanks

Also be aware that if you wish to work overseas once you graduate, the accelerated programs are not hornored in most other countries, includng scome of the provnces of Canada, the UK, etc.

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