Biggest Issues Working For An Agency?

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Hello everybody! I am interested to see what everyones biggest issues are with working for an agency. I've heard some good stories and a lot of bad.

What's everyones experiences with working for an agency? What are the biggest pains or problems from working with them? How do you handle those pains and what would be the dream solution you would have for those?



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No one has had any issues with working in an agency? ?

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Sorry. I didn't see this when you first posted.

I did some agency work briefly about a dozen years ago. Having had recent med-surg experience, I first signed with an agency that did hospital placements. I signed up for several shifts at a couple of hospitals. Every single shift was cancelled on me at the last minute. What really frosted my cookies is that I did 2 half-day computer orientations at one hospital, but was not to get paid until after my first working shift. Those ended up being for free.

I signed up with a second agency that just flat-out never contacted me. Nothing. Both those agencies had an extensive drawn-out hiring process.

I signed up with a third agency that had me on-boarded in one afternoon. I was working 2 days later and had pretty much all the work I wanted. It was all in long-term care. One of the places was a pit, so I refused that assignment after 5 nerve-wracking shifts. I also refused to work in a methadone clinic because my previous experience with people on methadone led me to believe it doesn't really help anyone and is just legalized pushing. The agency never held my refusals against me and kept finding me work where I was willing to go.

A couple of years later when I relocated, I signed on with an agency that provided temp staff to the State Hospital. That was a very drawn-out hiring process, in addition to a weeklong orientation at the State Hospital. It was only after orientation that I was informed I would be REQUIRED to work 2 weekend days EVERY WEEK. I told the facility that as an agency nurse I would not be required to work every anything. They hung up on me. When I called the agency to inquire about this, they played stupid. Since they supplied many nurses to the State Hospital, I knew this was not the first they'd heard of this. I parted company with them and the State Hospital.

I will be happy to provide the names of the agencies if you PM me.



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No worries. Thank you for your experience. PM sent ?