BIG BIG interview tomorrow... need interview questions please!


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I have an interview tomorrow at a local VA, for their psych unit. I would really like to have this job. It's going to be a panel interview, which I HATE. I've never done well at panel interviews. But, if I have an idea of some of the questions that I might be asked, and can prepare good answers in my head...

The questions will mostly do with situations that I've encountered in my psych experience. Any help would be great. =)

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I am pulling for you! Let us know how it goes!


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I signed up for Allnurses today and therefore did not see your post. Hope the interview went well. I am a psychiatric nurse who has worked for the VA. Most important is just stay calm in the interview and realize that the panel is following a scripted interview. They have an idea about the candidate that the want. Often, the panel are not the decision makers on selection. Use the initial interview as a clue to the candidate that they are looking for. If you are asked for a second interview use this information to prepare your presentation to meet their needs. Don't be too "let down" if you are not selected, remember they are looking for a particular type of candidate. DON'T GIVE UP. I applied at least six times with the VA before getting a interview. Another tip is to cultivate a "friend" in human resourses or in the psychiatric area (units, outpatient, etc.) who can let you know what they might be looking for.