Better late than never!

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I just joined my first nursing organization. In the past I had looked into several nurisng orginizations and felt that they just perpetuated the oppression I felt on the job so I did not join. Through my exposure to these boards I found out about PASNAP. First I was informed about California Nurses Association, then Revolution Magazine. I thought FINALLY SOMEONE TALKING ABOUT THE ISSUES THAT CONCERN ME. Then I found there was a orginazation in Pennsylvania that is associated with CNA. PASNAP stands for Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals.


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Good for you Ormar. I have known Terri Evans, President for several years from when

she was a member of my nursing district when we had collective barganing. She is a dynamic nursing advocate and represents bedside nurses well through PASNAP.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of a national liason btwn CNA, PASNAP, MNA and southern union(forget name).

My concern is that nursing will continue to be splintered into interest groups, with no one supporting the profession as a whole. Despite our differences, we need to be able to work on common interests. One of these is getting Mandatory overtime legislation passed in PA.

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