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Hi everyone! I am starting nursing school in the fall. The best way I learn is by listening. If I just read something in a book it doesn’t really stick with me. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me in nursing school? I plan to record my teachers lectures but is there anything else I could do? Thank you! 


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I’m not in nursing school yet, but since you tend to be an audio learner, check out the Straight A Nursing Podcast. She has lots of great topics! 


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listen to your notes and look at the class notes at the same time is helpful, be sure to take good notes.  you may can find Youtube videos on the class content for that day also. learn your notes word for word. You will need to study daily so that the day before the test is more of a two hour review.  be sure to get a good NCLEX book that broken down into content areas. Group studies usually turn out to be a waste of time because they usually turn into a party after about 30 minutes. listen to that lectures in your car on the way to and from school and while doing house chores. Also check out NCLEX strategies like the ones from Kaplan and ATI to help you answer questions, nursing school makes you take your best guess.     good luck.

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Check out pickmonic, osmosis , mark klimek lectures and yotube video

I'm currently in nursing school and doing relatively well. I would recommend not recording lectures. Better to listen attentively to each lecture just once and  take notes. Time spent re-listening to a lecture could be better spent studying or reading. If reading isn't working for you, improve in that area. May depend on the program, it would be near impossible to pass a lot of the classes in my program without reading the textbook.
Also, like the previous poster says, study daily. Don't cram.