Best Way to Apply for Jobs?


I'm a new transfer BSN nursing student (won't begin clinicals until next year) and wish to work as a part-time CNA while in school. I have my CNA license. What's the best way to apply for CNA jobs? I have no relevant experience. Is applying online my only option when looking for CNA jobs in nursing homes & hospitals? Which type of job is more flexible in terms of scheduling around my classes--hospitals or nursing homes? Should I consider applying to assisted living homes? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :typing


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There's no strategy. Just apply apply apply. There's lots of jobs posted online, grab the local papers and the ones with just ads on them, google all the types of facilities (nursing homes, assisted living, etc) you'd like to work in around your area, go in and fill out an application - be prepared to get interviewed on the spot and even get hired (applying in person is perhaps the best way). During the interview process, tell them your availability and it's up to them to work around it (I'm sure they'll accomodate since most places are hungry for CNAs.) Good luck!


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Chances are very high that if you apply in person that you will be hired on the spot. I would go to each employer with all your employment info with you and be prepared to interview with the Director of Staff Development or the Director of Nurses. You should go to your first choice first. You will most likely be offered a position everywhere so be prepared to take the best offer or the first offer. Good luck.

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