Best Thing About The OR?


Finished my first semester of nursing school and wanting to know in your opinion what is the best thing about working in the OR? I like the idea of a team atmosphere, plus totally dedicating myself to one patient. I have had surgeries and was always glad for the comforting attitude I received from my nurse. I know floor nursing is not for me, and am willing to go anywhere to get started in the OR. Opinions or advice?


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The whole idea of floor nursing bores me. I love the fast pace. I love the camaraderie. It's the only thing I ever wanted to do when I became a nurse. I had to work the floor for 6 months before I found an opening and I've loved it ever since.


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I'm sure by now you have heard the old "go do med-surg first" I love the OR because:

1) Drs love teaching for the most part

2) You get to see some pretty cool things

3) Awesome stories

4) usually you get to work with a certain service/team

5) You can make a boatload of $$ if you take call all the time

6) scrubs are provided

7) wide variety of shifts

8) NOONE dies in the OR (old joke, used to do cpr until pt in ICU)

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OP, if you want the OR go for it-and don't worry about doing med/surg first..IMO, waste of time-that's a year you could be training in the OR. The two areas are vastly different and often the "blank slates" adjust better to the OR anyway.

OR is nice because you have 1 patient at a time, and no obnoxious families to deal with. You almost always get your meals and breaks. Also like the PP said, plenty of overtime to be had if you want it.


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Yeah, med/surg is defenitely NOT for me


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I'm with you; I'm in school now and getting geared up to apply for an immersion site that will be my clinical "home" for all of next year (and, if history means anything, where I'm likely to get a job when I get out). I've enjoyed a lot of different things in school, but I keep leaning toward OR. Thank you to those posting the good aspects of working in the OR. I want to do medical missions and think that learning sterile technique and working with a team would serve me well, not to mention the skills I'd get to practice. Hope I can make this decision soon!