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Best States for Entry-Level Nursing Jobs Posted


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Beside Allnurses, I'm also apart of other nursing networks. Many of you here may also be apart of more than one social nursing networking sites. I received an email from one of them (NursingLink) about "Best States for Entry-Level Nursing Jobs." This is for anyone who is looking into becoming a CNA, Medical Assistants, Home health care Aides, etc. I'm posting the link (which I hope is ok), to look at states that are offering the best pay in those professions, in case you were curious: http://nursinglink.monster.com/careers/articles/6272-best-states-for-entry-level-nursing-jobs?page=1&utm_content=artmini&utm_source=nlet

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"The healthcare industry is facing an unprecedented nursing shortage, with a need of 1,000,000 new nurses by 2016."

When I see an opening statement like this I doubt the accuracy of the rest of the article.

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It's purpose is to look into those states of interest to do your OWN investigation. There will be inaccuracy even within those states.

They are not talking about nursing jobs at all but jobs for unlicensed personnel.

Which would be fine if you were going to move to that state so you could get a job paying $10-12/hour while you go to nursing school and a foot in the door, but in even in my state where new nurses cannot find jobs, they are still looking for CNAs, HHAs, etc.

I live in Massachusettes, Boston area, new grad LPN , Can anyone tell me where are nursing jobs? Two months into job hunting but no luck so far. Everyone (nursing homes)saying they are not hiring. So where are nursing shortage!!!! . Hospitals don't hire LPNs anymore atleast that's a buzz.

any intake to find a job please.

***above poster resurrected a thread that is almost 1 year old. Just let thread die.

Please don't quash the discussion or surmise that you can tell people what not to talk about. The issue is as relevant today as it was 1, 2, or 3 years ago- far more relevant, actually. Threads are there to establish continuity in discussions such as this. If you find the subject distasteful, I can understand that- but please don't participate in the thread if you don't like it.

The fact is that monster.com continues to post "best states for entry-level nursing jobs" and goes on to list states where there is an obvious glut of new grads, such as California. This is painfully misleading to people who bank on finding employment and make huge sacrifices only to end up with no job 2 years out of school. One has to wonder why monster prints what it prints and this thread is a way of finding answers to that question.

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