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Best to start Hurst ASAP after first NCLEX attempt?



I had the misfortune of not being able to pass NCLEX on the first attempt. It seems I needed some assistance on my core more (ATI taught me the test taking skills for NCLEX mostly) which, from what my research showed, Hurst excelled at over Kaplan.

I am curious if I should start ASAP with Hurst (online) while doing the documentation for the retake and the 45 day wait (as of October 10th; had a few tough days after that) or if I should wait a little bit in case of a retention issue. I assume it is best to start right away and can just keep practicing so it can be retained in a more permanent way

Another question I have, I assume their guarantee on passing with Hurst only applies to the first attempt meaning my second attempt while using Hurst for the first time won't apply their money back guarantee.

Doubt it will help.

I had ati, didn't really use it because their coaches worked to slowly and just overall pissed me off. Got to the point where, I should know this already. Which would have worked if I had bothered to study l/d, peds, and postpartum stuff. Three areas where I'm obviously not going to work. Didn't pass, didn't bother reviewing or studying for three months. Started using ati again, stopped again, spent $20 on a questions app on my phone and then took it two weeks later and passed with the minimum. The point it's more about getting comfortable than anything else.

That 45 days goes fast take a week or two to reflect and for personal time then get back on it. Hurst only guarantee you pass of its only been your first attempt and that if you have done all the things they require. From just being on here different things work for different people I took Hurst my first time and failed . I ended up taking boards three times before I passed. I truly can say Kaplan live review gave me what I needed to pass.