Best specialties for Nurse Practitioner

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Hello all, 

I will be a new FNP very soon! I graduate in April 2021.

As an FNP, I want to have a nice schedule (day shift) and enjoy what I do!

What are some of the best specialties to get into that provide an excellent work/life balance?

I am considering dermatology, which would be M-F in a clinic. I also would be interested in Urgent Care because the hours are usually 3x12s from 8am to 8pm. I am also interested in geriatrics/palliative/hospice ... but I am not sure what those hours would look like. I am even interested in Gero-Psych, but I believe I would need to have my PMHNP. 

Thank you for any advice!


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Following! Have been doing family practice for the last year. I like it, but I need more flexible daytime hours and have heard that home hospice is great for that, but looking for some more input. For me it's all about the schedule with young kids!

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I am doing my last clinical rotation in occupational medicine. The NP that precepts me is saying over and over again how this job provides good work/life balance. I cant agree more. This NP leaves on-time or earlier with No call, weekends (doesnt work Fridays either), and she sees 6-8 patients a day with walk-ins if they come. I am also thinking this could be my specialty...