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Best Specialties for INTJ Nurses?


What specialties would be best suited for nurses with INTJ personalities?

After reading what careers are best for INTJs, I noticed that nursing is never mentioned.

I'm personally interested in the ICU, forensics, and cardiovascular nursing. Obviously, as a new nurse I will take whatever I can get, but those are my current preferences.

I have a strange interest in learning about my personality type recently.

Thanks :)

I like learning about personalities too; it's a fascinating body of knowledge to better understand and interact with others, as well recognize and appreciate your own 'self' in a deeper more attentive way. As far as nursing specialties and all the sub-specialties...well, that you'll just have to try them out! There are too many variables that are different at each organization even for the same specialty that will influence how you take to it.

As well, I know you mentioned INTJ...thus you must be referring to the Myers-Briggs...but have you checked out other personality? I like using the 'Four Personality' formula....it's easier to understand and follow.

One of nurse educator friends teaches her students that one of the wonderful things about the nursing profession is how vast it is and that a nurse could change specialties every year of their working career and never do the same thing twice. Along that same note, having so many specialties and sub-specialties of nursing means just about any personality with any skill set can find a good fit in the nursing profession.


That's awesome, thanks! I like your username by the way :)