what is the best site in NY for CPNE?


I'm hoping to finish this nursing program within a year. I am in MA so my CPNE would be in NY, from your experience, what do you think was the best testing site and why? Thanks for any info! Plugging away!!!:D


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I test in 9 days in Syracuse, NY. I have heard nothing but great stuff about Syracuse and Utica. Good luck!!


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I tested at Utica and have nothing but good things to say about that site. I got no Peds and no meds. Passed with no repeats.


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I am testing in Syracuse, NY also... have heard awesome things about it, will let you know how it is!

You also have the option of testing in Pennsylvania if you pick the north east region :-)


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wow betterme, no peds or meds? you must have been psyched! I am looking forward to finishing!! It's been a very long road!! I am a 3-4 hr drive away from NY so that would be the closest for me.


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There are no best sites any where.... What matters is that you know your stuff and then you can pass anywhere. I do suggest to go to a site where your culture is... it is more comfortable. Sometimes culture shock can make a student more nervous. The only really negative comment (if u can call it that) I have gotten feed back about for the NY sites... is that the Queens site is a little rougher with pt load. Hope this helps :)


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thank you T-LO,I think Ill be in Utica or Syracuse...SOMEDAY!! God willing, haha. I'm taking LS1 in 2 weeks, studying like crazy, going to get my RN-NCLEX Saunders book today.