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Best Shoes


Anyone have any suggestions on shoes? What's the most comfortable??


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Nike Shox work best for me

:up:i love my birkenstocks! most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!

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I had heard great things about Danskos, but didn't like them when I tried them on. I swear by Crocs. They are ugly as can be, but so comfortable. I see tons of other nurses wearing them also. I was worried about falls so I bought the version they made for kitchen staff, with extra tread on the bottom. Works great, I love them.


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:up:i love my birkenstocks! most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!

Agreed, I have some professional Birki's and I love them. I fractured my ankle in Jan'07 during clinicals while wearing danksos. Your ankles can roll if they are weak.

The ugly Crocs works best for me.

I have tried many and for me it is 2 thumbs up for the new SHox!!!!


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After 2 years of trying a million different shoes (it seems like that many when your feet still hurt 2 hours into your shift) I finally bought a pair of Dansko Professionals. I absolutely LOVE them. I had no break in period. Wore them 3-12's in a row and they were busy shifts and never looked back once. I am going to buy a pair to wear with jeans I like them so much.


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I like my New Balance tennis shoes.....

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