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Best scrub jacket and tops


I am looking for a light to medium weight jacket with elastic on the cuffs. It can be any material, prefer zip front, hoodie or not, but the cuffs must hold their elasticity as I pull them up and down hundreds of times each day. Any recommendations?

Also looking for the best scrub tops for someone with very narrow shoulders, small chest, but larger hips. I have Grays Anatomy V-neck scrubs that come down too low, same thing with my Wonder Wink 4 way flex V-neck. I have butter soft scrubs that have a black stretchy piece of fabric across the V but even that I had to alter so it would come up higher. Any recommendations?

vampiregirl, BSN, RN

Specializes in Hospice. Has 10 years experience.

Although my body structure is very different from yours, I have the same issue w/ scrub tops. My solution is to wear a knit shirt under it.

I look for knit shirts with a fine gauge/ tight knit and a smooth/ narrow binding at the neckline (as opposed to the typical thicker necklines that are typical for t-shirts).

I just bough a WonderWink Scrubs WonderFLEX Constance Snap Front Jacket. Light weight but thick enough to keep you cozy ... look it up.