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best route for ADN to FNP (previous BA in unrelated field)


So I've spent the last couple nights looking for the best route in order to obtain a Family Nurse Practitioner degree. I currently hold an Associates in Nursing RN as well as a Bachelors in a completely unrelated field.

Ideally I am looking to get my FNP (whether that be direct or an MSN in Education perhaps then bridge to FNP) but trying to find an ONLINE program that is affordable. I am currently a registered nurse in Miami, FL working at a hospital in the neuro-telly unit.

Any thoughts? Am I asking for the world??

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University of South Alabama and Frontier Nursing University both have a plan for RNs who have a bachelor's in a non-nursing discipline. They are both online.

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I'm also in a similar situation. I have a non nursing bachelor's and work on a telemetry unit. I'm looking for an online program. I'm applying to University of South Alabama. I want to find a couple backup options though

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Best route? Go direct or go BSN then MSN FNP.

It may be cheaper to just do a BSN program. I shaved about 20,000 off the cost of the regular MSN Family NP program I am in by getting my BSN and my BSN was under 10,000. You may be able to apply to some programs like Frontier that will accept a bachelors in an unrelated field.

I would not get an unrelated MSN and then go back for a post MSN.