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Best RN associates program in Kansas City?


What program is good and easiest to get into Kansas City for the RN program. I would really like to nights and I know Penn Valley has an evening program but I hear it is a little difficult to get into? What other programs are good? What other programs are easier to get into. We live on the Missouri side so the Missouri schools are cheaper but looking at both the Kansas and Missouri schools. I just want to get into one of the schools and just didn't know what schools I have the best chance at getting into. I am also looking at Kansas City Community College, but not sure if they have a night program. They do have a childcare center which is a plus. I know JCCC has a school too.

rubato, ASN, RN

Specializes in Oncology/hematology.

I can't help you with the Missouri schools, but I was just accepted in JCCC this month and it's hard to get into. I have a friend that has applied for 2 years with a 3.57 and can't get in. KCKCC is tough if you aren't a Wyandotte County resident. They give all but a few of their positions to their residents. I guess a lot of it depends on what you mean by tough. I got in with a 4.0 and a 29 on my ACT. That's pretty close to what it takes at JCCC. Hope that helps you with some info. I'd start researching the Missouri schools because at most schools, they will give their residents extra points or credit toward their applications.

Good luck.