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Hi! I recently started in my hospital's MICU and we see EVERYTHING. I want to delve in and understand everything as much as I possibly can, but also want to study at home. Are there any books/websites/blogs you seasoned ICU nurses recommend? I have been a nurse for 4 yrs, from med/surg to progressive. Any advice is helpful, even if you want to just throw random facts at me =)



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when I first started in the MICU as a new grad i would often use daily rounds as a starting point for research. Use the patients you take care of to research their disease, put the pieces of their comorbidities together and rationale for treatments. The physicians at my hospital use Up-To-Date for their research and i will often use that to do research. I also ask the friendlier doctors for rationales when they have time and we discuss things. By doing this eventually you will be able to predict treatment plans and be a valuable resource to the doctors, they will also appreciate your curiosity since doctors (atleast the ones I know) love to teach and explain things. Remember not all doctors are like that so beware, and choose times to ask wisely.

Good luck!

Also it seems like you get EVERYTHING right now, but eventually you'll realized that pretty much everyone has Diabetes and CHF, gets intubated, develops pneumonia and then develops AKI. You will notice patterns and expectations (and hopefully you can prevent these!)



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Thank you!! :)


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Specializes in Progressive Care Unit. is a good resource website.

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