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Has anyone in Houston gone through nursing school with young children/babies? I'm wondering if there is a certain program that is better for students with families than others.

I'm interested in the UHV 2nd degree program because it is so fast, but worry cramming it all into 12 months might be too intense with a toddler and infant at home.


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As a rule, faster-paced programs are not only require greater time commitment, but are also much more rigid in terms of scheduling. Having to take time out to care for a sick child could be disastrous. You'll need a trusted support system to step up with your kids when needed because there are no 'excused absences'.... everything has to be made up. Keep in mind that you will also have to juggle the clinical rotations which often require significant commute time.

My advice? Wait a while until your kids are a wee bit older.


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Thank you for your input, HouTx!

I keep going back and forth - one minute I'm okay putting them in FT daycare (it would be about 1.5 yrs from now because I just realized some of my pre-reqs are over 5 years old), and the next minute I'm like no way - I'm staying home with them!

I think deep down I would regret "choosing" to miss out on this time with them while they're tiny. I will probably wait until they are in school :-/

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