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I want to be a critical care nurse eventually, since I am still a student I want to start in a different field to get into the swing of things, then in a few years go into ICU. I just got two job offers today, one is cardiac stepdown. The nurse manager said i would get to take ACLS, read twelve lead ekg's etc. The other is intermediate care unit, with a trauma on one end and intermediate on the other. They chart on ICU notes and have a lot of vents. I would like to pick the one that would prepare me more for ICU. Any suggestions.



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They are both excellent programs for you. Does one that has better hours for you? Training from either area will be great experience.

Is there a nurse manager from one that you prefer over the other? Or a difference in the staff? Those are things that you also have to take into account....See if you could shadow a nurse on each unit for a few hours to see which you prefer. That will usually give you your answer.

Good luck.... :balloons:


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They both sound like good learning experiences to me. Shadowing a nurse from both choices is excellent advice. In my experience, cardiac stepdown is used as a bridge between CV surgery and the regular floor. You might get a wider variety of experience in the intermediate unit, especially if they have more vents and trauma. Good luck!

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