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Best place to work Psych in Vegas?

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I am currently in the midst of a specialty change in nursing. I have been working corrections for about 5 years and want to now work psych. I am looking for input into the best place to work psych. I am looking for 12 hour shifts, pay comparable and an organized facility. But, I'll take the 12 hour shifts over the rest. I appreciate any input and please don't mention Spring Mountain TX as I worked there already and pay is very low. I have been working at Rawson -Neal and the place just has 8 hour shifts and is IMO in dire straits due to no DON and no medical director. I was thinking Montevista. Thanks.


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I just did my clinical rotation at Montevista... and I'm thinking they do a variety of shift hours! So, you could always call and ask them if they do 12 hours. It's a pretty nice facility - but I didn't find the nurses to be very helpful (or even friendly). So, if you work there- be good to the students! :o)


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