Best place to work as a CNA in Oregon



I was wanting some honest opinions on the best places to work as a CNA in Oregon. I have noticed that Marquis Care pays for potential CNA's to become trained at their facility if you work for them for 6 months after training, but is it a good place to work????


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Bumping an old topic... if anyone wants to reply, please do! My brother is moving to Portland, and I may relocate too (well, if he actually stays there!) I have experience in long-term care and dementia.

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Each place is different, I have only worked in 2 places as a CNA, one in a LTC and now in a hospital. I have during my NS clinical went to Robinson Jewish Health Center and that is a place where I would put my own mother, it was so clean and well staffed and the aides seemed very happy with low ratios.

I have been to the Canby Marquis for my CNA clinical and I liked the facilites, however Marquis has several locations and I know that some of my fellow nursing students who had clinical at one of their other locations did not have good experences

If you are applying to a location and they interview you, ask to talk to the aides working, do they like it, what is the turnover rate, how many aganecy to they have working, what is the ratio aide to nurse and aide to patient, just by walking around in a facility you can see and smell what the enivornment is like,


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My brother works as a CNA at a LTC with Prestige Care. Likes it a lot, been there for 3 or 4 years now. Good management, flexible scheduling. There are many LTCs that are a part of Prestige Care, I think you can just Google it.