Best part-time job during school?


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hey jazzyj077!

i have been a nanny for the past 3 years and i love it! they are super flexible with school and there are tons of after school nanny positions!

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I work for a call center part time. I work 7pm to 11pm 5 nights a week. They gave me that shift awhile ago but they may not be too flexible anymore. I went through the 1st semester of clinicals working it, not sure how this next semester of clinicals will allow it, but we'll see. I've been doing the job, first fulltime, now part time, for almost 10 years, so I can sometimes multitask and study a little while I'm on the phone with customers. The only reason I'm still there is that I have worked myself up to a good hourly wage and I get medical benefits.

I applied at UPS, in case I can't work for the call center anymore, but my boyfriend seems to think I can't do it because you have to be able to lift 70 pounds (the ad said 40 pounds, "sometimes" 70 pounds) and he thinks I can't. I figure it would keep me in shape for moving patients around. :wink2: And they do tuition assistance and benefits, even if you're part time. I don't know; I have my interview August 26th.

Have you tried UPS? I worked there for 5 years as a second job, it's a nice gig. Keeps you in shape & you can basically shut off your brain (well not totally). If I wasn't already a PCT, I'd go back there. Plus they offer tuition assistance, but I am not sure how long you have to work there first.

I haven't tried UPS...that would be a nice part-time opportunity. I just went to their website and you work 3.5 to 4 hours a weekday (no weekends and selected holidays), that is not too bad with my schedule. Especially in the summer. I could go to work before that is nice. It is good to know that they offer tuition assistance and benefits for part-timers. Thanks!

Hi. I am also in a similar position, not having taken the CNA classes yet. Do you need to have prior experience to get some of these positions in a hospital?

Like Unit secretary, coordinator, or PNS/A?



Hi Katie,

I wish I knew the experience level of those jobs around here...they are rarely posted maybe they are internal around here (besides RNs, CNAs, etc). I did a search for unit secretary jobs elsewhere (AKA the big city) and it seems that they request basic knowledge of medical terminology.

Good luck with your search.

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