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Best options to get into nursing for people with a BA and with low GPA

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I already have a BA in Science, though my GPA was very very low, and I need advice on how to proceed from here. Obviously I will not make the cut for accelerated BSN...right now. Should I continue with the pre nursing certificate, which I only need A&P 1 and 2 to complete, or retake however many classes to raise GPA high enough for BSN??? I really need help making this choice before wasting more money and time.


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To start off, some ABSN programs only require a bachelor's irregardless of your undergrad GPA. These programs, however, do require a minimum pre-requisite GPA and entrance exam scores. From your post it is not clear what pre-reqs you have so far completed and whether or not your pre-req GPA is competitive.

Also from your post it seems like you are aiming for BSN, right? Have you considered getting ASN instead? ASN programs are as well competitive, but their admissions requirements are not that rigorous as the BSN ones.

My sciences A&P 1 and 2 and possibly micro are what is left to complete. All the others have been met. I think the best route is to focus on doing the best I can on the 3 prerequisite courses, and worry about the rest after those are completed. I wanted to avoid the long wait lists at most cc ADN programs, and thought that somehow, even with my crappy GPA , I could make my BAS work for me somehow towards the nursing admission process. Thanks for your response.

I graduated with a B.S. in Justice and Law Admin in 2011. My GPA then was a 2.35. Over the course of taking prerequisites think able to get my GPA to a 3.0; see what happens this semester rough semester.

I applied to two community colleges, the CC's, are very competitive knew was a long shot. Anyways didn't get in. Now focusing on BSN programs and taking their prerequites.

Not sure what the best advice is. I am still lost in the sauce. Repeat classes try my chances tobget into a super competitive but super affordable college. The other option take other prerequites put multiple eggs in to one basket not just one.