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what is the best online review for nclex RN

by chezca87 chezca87, BSN (Member)

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently using the book of lippincot for nclex rn and I'm planning to take the online review after this book however, I don't know which online review I should get. My friend told me Kaplan is good and Uworld but I want to get one and focus on it. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Hi i am using lippincott book for rn too. And subscribed to uworld recently. When are u planning to take your exam

I'm waiting my eligibility in Fl because I got my bsn degree in my country. I'm studying lippincott 6,000 questions but after this I don't know what online review should i get. Kaplan is expensive they offering international review but I did some research some they said Uworld is better. I have two months to finish this book then after this I want online for my comprehensive review.:yes: Are you planning to take the Nclex? what is your preparation.I need suggestions this is my first time to take nclex. Thank you

I am almost done with the lippincott book, i can say that it really practiced me how to answer questions. And refreshed my memory of the different systems and complications since i graduated too outside of the country several years ago. Hehe and now i am doing uworld i am getting pretty decent scores. I have been studying for 3 months now with other materials as well like nclex mastery, ati, lacharity. But focusing more on uworld now as i approach my exam by next month. Do u have a test date already? What other materials are u using aside from lippincott? Thanks. God bless to us

Oh God! I'm happy we have the same situation. I'm waiting my eligibility hopefully next year if God's will anyway it takes time because I graduated in the Philippines and they need to evaluate my credentials first. I'm using kaplan overview 2 books (basics and Nclex content review) I'm reading 3 books the two books from Kaplan that I mentioned and lippincott so everyday 50 questions (lippincott) and the two books on the weekend 13 pages. The two books form Kaplan are very helpful it's a summary in nursing. I will get Uworld I think it's cheaper. I think it depends us not the books. We need to learn how to use the critical thinking and understand the Rationale. I'm currently working in Rehab and I met nurses there.They told me to focus on Rationale and don't memorize.


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I can say UWORLD and the lippincott book ware GOLD to me. UWORLD is exactly how the real NCLEX test is set up as. The screen is the same the questions are the same, without UWORLD I would not have passed the NCLEX in my opinion. Their questions are difficult but teach you a lot, you should read all of the rationals to understand and learn from them.

Thanks JO, Yes I like Lippincott and I think I will get Uworld to practice more. Thank you.