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best OB textbook?


what would you say is the best ob textbook? and best companion study guide? if any of you used maternal-child nursing care by susan ward, how did you find it? my school is using a pearson published book that is way out of my budget.

I bought this book and found it very helpful to use as a reference during school:

Maternity & Women's Health Care

by Lowdermilk, Perry, Cashion, and Alden

My only complaint would be that I wish I would have rented it rather than buying it as we only used it during our OB rotation. You can rent it from B&N for around $22 and could probably rent it for less on Amazon.

Could you possibly rent the book that your school requires? Usually, it is cheaper. I found that these specialty books were only used for that rotation and then we never touched them again. So, I would say go for renting if you can - plus - it is cheaper!

Bookrenter.com has never failed me and they usually have great prices - that could be another option - should you decide to rent.

As a study reference, I used Maternal/Neonatal Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. The 2010 version is still up to date material wise and is around $20 to buy at B&N....probably cheaper on Amazon.

thank you very much for your suggestions! i will check those out. i have learnt from the first two semesters that the required texts aren't always the best texts for learning, so now I look for the best texts on the topic, and learn from them. my grades actually improved and my study time went down when i ditched the required texts and learnt from other sources.

thanks for the bookrenter tip as well, i havent heard of that site and will check it out.