what's the best nursing pharmacology book u've ever used?


well besides my question on top, has any of you used Pearson's Pharmacology for Nurses: A Pathophysiologic Approach (3rd Edition) (MyNursingKit Series) by any chance, although they just put it out in the market. my instructor had recommended that our class use it.

i know that opinions on what's the best nursing pharm book is highly individual but for me the way i see it is, it always comes down to either lipincott, mosby or saunders because in my opinion they have more experience in making nclex rn review materials. so they're experience in writting good nursing review materials gets carried along in writting books for nursing students.

so, what do u guys think of the pearson? could it give lippincott, mosby or saunders a run for their money?

or should i just stick with either one of the three publishing companies i mentioned


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We used Evolve's Pharmacology & The Nursing Process (or something like that) by Lilley. I liked it; most of the chapters were short and sweet and it did a good job highlighting key drugs. Some other students thought it was too complicated though. I heard good things about a book called Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy, but never checked it out myself.

I love love loved Pharmacology. :crying2: I miss it.


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I'm only in my second semester of my LPN year, but the Pharmacology book we used last semester was pretty awesome. Not only did it talk about the pathophysiology of the types of drugs in the chapter, it explained things in language that I was able to understand. And that's saying a lot. Roach's Introductory Clinical Pharmacology was our choice. Probably not the stuff that people really want in RN or BSN year, but we all love it, and the RN students in the program still dig their's out when they really need to know stuff.

We spent about six credit's time on a supposed two credit class, but it was completely worth it. I kinda miss it too, especially in comparison to the classes this semester.


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We use Focus on Nursing Pharmacology by Karch (lippincott) and it nice. Its easy to follow and still informative.


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We used the Karch pharmacology book as well and I really liked it. It has been the only book that I actually found helpful so far as my other "required" textbooks are collecting dust.