Best Nanda Nursing Diagnosis Book for CPNE

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I am a active paramedic in high volume EMS division and have worked in CCT and the ED. I have finished all my classes for the excelsior college Paramedic to RN bridge and now just have to take the CPNE. I am solid on medical knowledge but taking and passing the CPNE seems like a totally different monster in it self. Any recommendation on the best NANDA Nursing Diagnosis book to buy and use for the test.

More and more I wish I would have done a traditional school but now I am through and just need to finish so any help would be grateful.


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Hi and welcome to AN. Some suggestions:

1. Contact your local nursing schools and see what books they use

2. Visit the nursing school book store.

3. Barnes and Noble has a pretty impressive nursing book selection.

4. NANDA diagnoses are very standard - so any book that delineates the reasons behind the diagnosis should be a good resource

5. Best wishes


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Thanks. Will Check them out

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Did you look in the CPNE study guide? I believe Mosby's is the recommended book.