Best LVN school in San Jose, CA ?

U.S.A. California


Based on passing rates, affordability and the teaching!

Any input would be helpful, at this point I am thinking just going to a community college.

Thanks so much !


I remember you posting something on here about St Francis. Did you decide not to go? It is more on the expensive side but a very good school. They will have a LVN-RN Bridge program in 2011 as well.

Good luck to you


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Hi MrsLVN,

Well, for a couple of years now I have been posting here in hopes of going to school sooner than later, but my husband was diagnosed in 2007 with colon cancer and life has been, well....crazy busy. Thank the Lord he is in remission now, after a battle of it in his liver recently. So, I was looking to go get my LVN, while life was less crazy for him....but can't afford that high tuition.

So I am thinking just going to Gavilan College in Gilroy. Which stinks cuz it will take longer, but its my only option. Don't qualify for any student loans. So I was hoping there was something I was missing out there, but apparently not.

Thanks so much for your input and lots of luck to you....



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I started @ Gavilan College in the LVN program in 1990, when it was only a 1 year program. I went straight into the RN program in 1991. They have a great program there. I got excellent clinical experience. I know that they changed the LVN program into a 2 yr program. At the time the RN program as only 1 yr, but you had to have a LVN license.


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A community college program is almost always the better choice, particularly if you take the few added courses and get the degree. Advantages are cost, ease of entering the RN program, availability of degree. Teaching is usually better because the instructors must meet higher standards and the program's reputation is usually higher. The proprietary programs in San Jose have not enjoyed a good reputation if you have read some of the comments made on this site in the past. Hope that the OP finds the Gavilan program to be a good choice.

Hmm, I like Gavilan college because of how near it is for me to drive there. I live in Gilroy so it makes sense. I looked at Hartnell in Salinas and Evergreen too, but now I don't want an ADN. Evergreen is all right, and so is Hartnell too, but I overall prefer good old Gavilan for many reasons.

This is my last semester at Gavilan college, thank goodness! Good luck with your path!

Hi, I was wondering if anyone went to Gavialn College in Gilroy for nursing? Did you have to take the general Ed too?? Or can u go straight into nursing.


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Yes you have to take your general Ed and Pre-req's first before puttin in an application. Good luck :)

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