Best journal for psych nurses?

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Hi Nurse Beth,

I have worked hard core mental health nursing for 10 years at the state. A lot of take downs we followed pro-act principles and had a lot of patients on clozaril. Also worked 7 years at a methadone clinic. Can you recommend a Psychiatric monthly magazine that can help me with my skills? I am a diploma nurse graduated in 1985. Worked as a LPN prior for to this for 5 years. Worked 10 years in med-surg prior to psych and addiction. Love Psych! 

Dear Loves Psych,

Consider joining the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA). Membership includes the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (JAPNA).

As a psych nurse, your patients often can't tell you what's wrong. Learning to ask the right questions, reading non-verbal cues, establishing trust, communicating empathy- these are all important soft skills essential to assessing your patient.

You referenced Professional Assault Crisis Training (Pro Act) which gives you tools for problem-solving and de-escalation in emergencies  and offers instructor certification.

Online continuing education is available for a lot of topics, including medication. Psychotropics, medication management and side effects are a big subject in and of themselves.

There is an addictions nursing forum and a psychiatric nursing forum here where I hope you'll post and network with colleagues.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth