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best ICU for CRNA school?


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i am currently in a ICU new grad program in a hospital that has five ICU's. at the end of the program (six months) i will be placed in one of these units:



Burn/ Trauma


and Onc.

Either one better than the others?

It is a level one trauma.

thanks for the input!


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I look forward to responses. Thanks for the question!!!

Medical, surgical and burn/trauma are probably your better bets. Make sure your unit will give you great cardiovascular, pulmonary, vasopressor management, vent managemt, hemodynamics experiences (I'm sure at a level one that most of these ICUs should give you what you need - but look for these types of patients specifically)


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IMHO, in the absence of a cardiovascular surgical icu option, I'd go for SICU, esp since it's a L1 center.... good luck!

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