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Best GRE prep books??

Cath9789 Cath9789 (New) New

Hey guys! I'm in the process of applying for NP school... does anyone have suggestions as to which GRE prep materials helped prepare them the most?

I went to B&N for 2 weeks and studied out of a princeton review book so I didn't have to buy it. Frugal, I know. I liked the book and I did well.

staphylococci, NP

Specializes in Family Medicine, Pediatric Primary Care, MICU.

I purchased this book off of Amazon, and it was more that sufficient. Good luck!

verene, MSN

Specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

I used Manhattan Prep's "5lb book of practice questions". It doesn't contain strategies but it does contain hundreds of practice questions. The book is a good deal; I got my copy for about $20 new, but you can find used copies for substantially less. I also checked out a Princeton review book and a kaplan prep book from the public library for a week to get the strategy information the manhattan prep book lacks.


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