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Best Foot Forward!

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How to prep for an interview. How to present yourself.How to survive orientation and probation. How to maintain your job

Best Foot Forward!
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You are all excited! You got the job interview! Now what? Relax, people! Here is an algorithm that you may want to consider.

1-How to prepare for the interview

Follow RTC - Research the company, hospital, clinic. There is a ton of stuff online.

  • Look at patient surveys.
  • Always know their mission and vision and what is important to them.
  • Go to their website and read.
  • If you know people that work there talk to them . Find out what they like and don't like about the place, benefit,salary range,perks.
  • Find out what new initiative they are doing,awards or grants that they have received in the last five years.
  • Write notes on flash cards that you can carry.You should have a general idea about the company


  • Know when and where your interview is.
  • Find out about transportation-public or private parking .
  • Carry loose change and singles with you and a minimum of 20-40 dollars and a credit card.
  • Plan your route and give yourself 40 minutes extra especially if you are going on a peak or rush hour.
  • If you easily get lost, do a dry run during daytime and check out landmarks on the way (eg- make a left by Dunkin Donuts).
  • Be there a half hour early. You may have to fill forms, so have 2 black ballpoint pens handy.
  • Keep your original certificates and 4 copies of your resume in a file with clear plastic dividers. Keep a copy of all certificates to give them if asked.
  • Have a paper with the name, address,phone number and e mail of three professional references. If you are just out of school, your teachers or volunteering job or church could give you references. Make sure you let your references know to expect a phone call or email. Only give out name of people you trust as references.


  • Choose your look carefully.
  • Buy or rent a suit. Iron them out if needed.
  • Wear clean socks,dress shoes.
  • Spray cologne/perfume sparingly.
  • Minimum bling.
  • Listen attentively and clarify by restating.
  • Remember the name and title of the interviewer(s).
  • Have a few prepared answers about sure questions-strengths, weakness, situations that you made better, tough situations, why should we hire you, what do you know about us, how to deal with coworker, when to ask for help or contact supervisor. Speak honestly.
  • Ask them more about the job and what is their expectation from the ideal candidate. Always have a few questions for them.
  • Show them that you are flexible. Inform them of any prescheduled vacation.
  • Know your resume well and be prepared to explain gaps. Never disrespect former employers. Nursing is a small world!
  • Ask what are the next steps when they are done with the interview. Never mention salary till they do.

2-Got The Job! Now What?

Follow RTC!


  • Find out your schedule. What time is your shift? How does the weekend or off hour shift schedule run. Any on call shift?
  • How do you get paid? Swipe, palming in, phone in/out. How early/late can you come in/out?
  • What systems are in place for documentation? Do you have access to them?
  • What is a daily routine? Watch and learn how the team works and how to work as a team.
  • Find a good mentor and do not be afraid to learn.
  • Write stuff down. Commonly used phone numbers, code to the lounge, login information. Keep your information safe.


  • Come in and out on time. If possible come a little earlier so you can get settled.
  • Relieve your coworker on time.
  • Do not call in sick during probation unless it is a real emergency. If you do, ask if you can make up the day. That shows that you are committed to this place.
  • Be at your post ready to work on time.


  • Learn what you are taught. Write it and clarify it. Implement what you learned daily. Show that you are an independent worker but a team player.
  • Speak positive about people.
  • Dress and act professional. Wear your uniform. No long nails and visible tattoos and piercings.
  • Tie your hair neatly. Avoid multicolored hair!
  • Brush your teeth especially after twelve hours before getting ready for report!
  • Know how long you are on probation and ask for feedback from your preceptor and boss. Ask how else can I improve or what can I improve on?

3-Passed probation. Now what?

  • Maintain your job.
  • Network. Get to know people. Do not back stab or gossip.
  • Study the job. Improve on your performance. Be a team player.
  • Dress professionally. Do not slack off.
  • Sign up for any online or classroom learning that they offer. Maintain your certification and licenses on time.
  • Ask for feedback and enjoy your job.
  • Be happy and always start and end your day with spiritual guidance from God.
  • Be grateful and thankful that you have a job and you can provide for your family and you with His Grace!
  • His Grace is sufficient for you!

Mother, Nurse, writer, friend! Loves God above all!

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